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Today we are want to speak with you about Adblock service and what solution we have come up with for you.
As you know, time to time Adblock throws up not the most pleasant surprises.Normally, if campaign site is in Adblock blacklist, blocking script immediately closes this window without letting client even see the registration form and any tracking script.

So, our IT specialist was making new feature included at our tracking which will help to bypass this block.
Now It first goes to intermediary page where you can see “Loading”. And after that client is redirected to clients webpage with separate action. We tested multiple dalay times and current one (which is 300 miliseconds) is enough to avoid adblocker reaction.

This feature is intended to increase traffic flow if your clients uses adblocker to hide ads and you were targeting campaigns that got in the blacklist.
So, let’s make money together! If you have additional questions feel free to contact your manager.

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