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  The next year is just around the corner and a new Google algorithm must be waiting for us as usual. Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business. As well as the world of SEO continues to change at lightning speed. Customer usage and expectations keep marketers continuously making adjustments. Most of the online …

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Have you checked your Google organic search traffic?  It seems Google is doing some updates in their search ranking algorithm. These updates happened on September 2nd. Google has not yet confirmed the update but based on the user feedback, it seems like an update is indeed happening. Looks like there were 2 updates. The large …

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We got featured on PerformanceIN. Here is the interview with our CEO. ___________________________________________________________ Rarely does the affiliate market in Eastern Europe feature in digital press coverage beyond a scattering of stats and regional comparisons. That’s why, given the opportunity to talk to Juris Čirkovs, CEO of Latvia-based DoAffiliate.net, PerformanceIN wasted little time in getting the ball rolling. We talked to Juris …

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